All You Need to Know About ePacket Shipping in 2021

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What is epacket?
ePacket is a shipping option offered by China Post from China and Hong Kong. It gives sellers the chance to offer customers fast and affordable shipping options for light and small products.
The service dates from 2011 when the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced that they had an agreement with Hong Kong Post and eBay China. This allowed packages from China and Hong Kong to benefit from USPS First Class Mail Service in addition to a delivery confirmation service.The organization behind them is the Universal Postal Union (UPU) 
All UPU members have agreements about postage rates, which makes products like epacket possible
It is suitable for individual small items that meet the weight, value and dimensions laid out by the ePacket requirements.
It offers end-to-end tracking and more manageable customs.

The epacket tracking number has 13 codes

epacket label

What Is ePacket Delivery?
ePacket delivery started as a quick and inexpensive delivery option for both Hong Kong and Chinese merchants. It has grown to over 40 countries in less than nine years.
The China Post will deliver the parcel to the local area.than a local carrier handles the ePacket delivery to the final destination. By local, we mean carriers operating within the package destination country — USPS, Royal Mail, Canada Post, Australia Post, etc. Each carrier has its own fees, package dimensions, and delivery processes.

What Are the Requirements to Use the ePacket Delivery Method?
Here are certain guidelines that your ePacket delivery from China or Hong Kong should abide by:

The shipment must weight not more than 2 kilograms or 4.4 pounds
The order value must be less than $400
There are restrictions on the package’s maximum length as well. It should not be longer than 24 inches by 36 inches in length

Which Countries Have ePacket Shipping?
18.United States
25.Saudi Arabia
32.New Zealand
37.United Kingdom
39.China Hong Kong

How much does ePacket shipping cost?
Regarding the cost of ePacket, different countries have different rates.
The following table is the epacket shipping cost of different countries in 2021

2021 epacket ship fee (from January 22)
Country Region ship fee Transportation surcharge Min weight Max weight
CNY/pc CNY/G CNY/G g g
IRELAND European 25 0.065 0.01 1 2000
AUSTRIA European 25 0.06 0 1 2000
AUSTRALIA Australia 19 0.06 0 1 2000
BRAZIL South America 25 0.08 0.005 50 2000
BELGIUM European 25 0.06 0.005 1 2000
POLAND European 25 0.06 0 1 2000
DENMARK European 25 0.06 0.005 1 2000
GERMANY European 19 0.06 0 1 2000
RUSSIA European 17 0.055 0.005 1 3000
FRANCE European 19 0.06 0 1 2000
FINLAND European 25 0.065 0.015 1 2000
KAZAKHSTAN Asia 8 0.07 0 50 2000
SOUTH KOREA Asia 20 0.04 0 1 2000
NETHERLANDS European 25 0.06 0.005 1 2000
CANADA North American states 19 0.065 0.015 1 2000
LUXEMBOURG European 25 0.06 0.015 1 2000
MALAYSIA Asia 15 0.04 0 1 2000
UNITED STATES North American states 20 0.07 0.01 1 2000
MEXICO North American states 25 0.085 0 1 2000
NORWAY European 19 0.065 0 1 2000
PORTUGAL European 19 0.065 0 1 2000
JAPAN Asia 15 0.05 0 50 2000
SWEDEN European 19 0.06 0 1 2000
SWITZERLAND European 25 0.06 0.01 1 2000
SAUDI ARABIA Asia 26 0.05 0 1 2000
THAILAND Asia 14 0.045 0 1 2000
TURKEY Asia 25 0.06 0.015 1 2000
UKRAINE European 6 0.075 0 10 2000
SPAIN European 14 0.06 0 1 2000
GREECE European 25 0.06 0.015 1 2000
SINGAPORE Asia 15 0.04 0 1 2000
NEW ZEALAND Oceania 10 0.08 0 50 2000
HUNGARY European 25 0.06 0 1 2000
ISRAEL Asia 17 0.06 0 1 5000
ITALY European 25 0.06 0.005 1 2000
INDONESIA Asia 14 0.045 0 1 2000
UNITED KINGDOM European 18 0.055 0 1 499
25 0.045 0 500 1999
35 0.045 0 2000 5000
VIETNAM Asia 12 0.045 0.01 1 2000
HONG KONG Asia 17 0.03 0 1 2000

You can check the epacket shipping cost on this site

The Benefits of Using ePacket

  • Faster Delivery Times(During COVID-19, it usually takes more than 30 days)
    Standard shipping by sea takes up to eight weeks for goods to arrive. ePacket goods are delivered anywhere in the world in less than 30 days—typically within two weeks. While this may not match Amazon’s fulfillment and delivery rates, it can still give you an edge over other small businesses in your sector.
  • Lower Shipping Rates
    Because of the UPU agreement shipping rates are subsidized by China Post and USPS, so you end up paying less for shipping, Therefore, it is much cheaper than other express delivery. It should be noted that the shipping rates have increased in recent years, but it is still very competitive
  • End-to-End Tracking
    ePacket uses premium network provenance systems to track shipments so customers can feel confident in their purchase and your brand. ePacket delivery also offers optional end-to-end tracking via China Post and USPS at no additional cost.
  • It can be delivered to some remote areas
    1. United States: all Territorial Territories and Non-Territorial Territories and their overseas military mail addresses;
    2. United Kingdom: mainland and Channel Islands, Isle of Man;
  • Free Returns
    Offering free returns on undelivered items strengthens customer-merchant relationships by providing customers with a sense of security, knowing they won’t lose their money if the package does not arrive. Online merchants can offer refunds on undelivered items without the risk of absorbing the cost of the goods.
  • Postal Customs Payment
    ePacket benefits international business owners by streamlining the customs process. All customs taxes and tariffs are paid by the person receiving the shipments. If you are a dropshipping company, you can bypass customs costs and avoid the paperwork, even if you know how to fill out a customs form for international shipping.


  • During COVID-19, it usually takes more than 30 days
  • The cost has gone up a lot,
    With rising costs and longer delivery times, it will be more appropriate to use a private line
  • Parcels may get lost
  • It will show ship from china
    All the parcels show that they are shipped from China. Some sales platforms or customers don’t like to ship from China, so it is not suitable for use.(i suggest you can use Private line, this will show shipments from the USA).
  • Maximum weight 2kg
    This means that packages larger than 2kg will not be able to use it

How to Track ePacket from China, epacket tracking USA?
Epacket support End-to-End Tracking so you can track it on china post site
or other third-party tracking sites, For example,17track,trackdog, and so on.

Alternative products of ePacket
Under the influence of COVID-19, the epacket will spend more than 30 days. And rising costs.
Faster delivery shipping methods appear on the market(Private line shipway), their prices are not expensive, it shows that they are shipped from the United States.
If you have high requirements for delivery time and like to show that it is shipped from the United States, I suggest you try to use it

This article has covered essential topics that concern ePacket shipping. It implies that you can integrate ePacket delivery or Private line delivery to your online store too.
Bebonsourcing provides more transparent and diversified delivery methods for your business. Since we want to see your business bloom, let us help you handle your order fulfillment issues.

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